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Wayne has shared the stage with a host of renowned and talented artists such as Fred Mcfarlane, Emme Kemp, Melvin Sparks, George Benson, Seleno Clarke, Bobby Forrester, Jack McDuff, John Colianni, Danny Mixon, Jimmy "Preacher" Robins, Bill Easley, Dennis Springer, JJ Jackson, Annette St. John, Antoinette Montague, Irene Reid, Cynthia Holiday, Al Gray, Frank Owens, Arthur Prysock, Mr. Tony Middleton, Kathryn Farmer, Mala Waldron, The Harlem Renaissance Orchestra, The John Peek Orchestra and The Cotton Club Orchestra. 

The Wayne Henderson Group has included exceptional artists such as John Colianni, Tadataka Unno, Jeb Patton, Amina Figarova, Mike Boone, Jim Cammack, Marco Panascia, Dominic Duval Jr., Eric Miller, Ron Wilkins, Clint Sharmin, Tony Gorruso, Freddie Hendrix, Philip Harper, Charlie Porter, Aaron Johnson, Nick Biello, and Jerry Weldon just to name a few.

Come experience jazz with us. You'll be glad you did!


*Wayne Henderson endorses Canopus Drums, Aquarian Drum Heads and Los Cabos Drumsticks              

"Jazz is not just for the jazz purist. If the artist plays with passion, excitement & energy then jazz will appeal to the young & old alike and the genre will continue to attract new fans" - Wayne Henderson

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